My Angel Must Loose Alot of Feathers……

In the Bible I read that the Angels have male names. I have never read of any with female names. So I believe that the Angel who watches over me is male. Perhaps there are more than one. That still doesn’t change my personal belief that they are all male.  I have always loved this picture, it touches my spirit deeply. Maybe my Angel is built like this but in my mind “My Angel”  is not only built like this he wears Levi jeans, a t-shirt and nice leather boots. Sometimes he may wear a cap. He has the bluest eyes and black hair.He need not say a word ever because all his power is in his being. In my mind his thinking can make things happen in the blink of an eye. He knows what to fix even before it happens. He rides on the hood of my car.He sits in my living room and watches me nap. He sits on the edge of the bed and watches over me in the night. He may get bored with me now and then  as I lead a boring life now compared to how it was before. The MS,CFS and arthritis have done a number on me. But none of them can attack my spirit unless I allow that to happen. 

God says in His Word in Psalm 91:11-12 11 For He will give His angels charge concerning you,To guard you in all your ways.12 They will bear you up in their hands, That you do not strike your foot against a stone.

My Angel definitely has feathers which are bent after a day with me sometimes.Like the day last March when I took a tumble down 13 stairs in my home. I have told this story before online, but it is worth telling again. Last March I was still struggling with the healing of a surgery and complications of the MS. I had went to go downstairs in the morning for my morning coffee. I had a lot of numbness in my feet and legs at that time. I have a habit of gliding my hand down the railing as I descend the stairs since my balance is not good at times. I thank God for this habit and I thank Him for my Angel. When I took the first step I never got to take the second as I was flat on my back bouncing down the stairs, heels, butt, head banging on the stairs each step of the way. My right arm was hitting all the hangings on the wall on the way down. (they were swinging on the wall but not a one fell off the wall) My left hand was sliding down the bannister. Upon reaching the bottom the cat was there crying. I scooped her up in my arms. I don’t even remember getting to a standing position but the next thing I know is I was leaning with my back against the kitchen sink holding my cat in my arms and quivering. And thanking Jesus. Briefly I was afraid to look at the stairs….why?…..because I thought I would see myself at the bottom of them splattered and not moving. I had to take a few steps to the kitchen chair in order to see the steps. I decided I should go sit and look.  I was afraid to look. But I made my way to the chair, cat still in my arms and I sat, looked at the stairs and I was not there….I was alive and well on my kitchen chair. I do believe my Angel took charge over me at that moment which could have had a horrific ending. I will never believe otherwise. I am thankful for my God…..I am thankful for my Angel……I am thankful for this life and all the gifts the Lord keeps giving me………Believe what you want after reading this but I will always believe my God sent his Angel to watch over me and keep me safe.  As a result of that fall I had no damage done to my body. A few weeks later I fell down the last 3 steps on the stairway. Perhaps this is a reminder to me to take my time more ….I don’t know for sure, but I do know I was protected. The happenings have made me more cautious of my steps and maybe this is all that needs to be learned at this time. I do have one final conclusion….I really think I fell that day because both my feet were numb ( a MS symptom) and I truly do not think my left foot was on the step and I thought it was and I placed my right foot down too soon. Whatever the case may be I am glad my Angel was paying attention. I am sure a few of his feathers got bent that day, but I am sure God made them all perfect once again.

Hugs ((((())))) to all of you…have a perfect Sunday!


Just what is CFS?

Since my diagnosis and making people aware of the struggles I have been receiving emails from all over asking me if their symptoms are related to CFS or MS. My best answer to them is “if you are not feeling normal for you then you need to see a doctor and hopefully he will put you on the right path to better health.” So I am posting  links for reference to anyone who would like to check them out. I have also included osteoarthritis which is a very common disease also. I have been diagnosed with all 3 of these. And to think……I have been eating healthy and exercising since age 20. Just think if I hadn’t!

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22……think on this…..hugs ((((()))))








Well I promised myself I would check out diet and nutrition and supplements for CFS. Being the health fanatic I have been since in my 20’s I want to make sure I leave no stone unturned. When diagnosed with the MS all those years ago I went to a nutritionist for 9 months. I had already had a healthy lifestyle with nutrition and exercise but know from my knowledge level that to rid a body of sickness sometimes you need to raise the dosage of certain supplements and I did not want to risk this on my own. He taught me to eat and take supplements in the proper dosage and times of day for my body. Needless to say it worked and over a course of time my MS went into a remission for nearly 19 years or so. So I am now researching what to do for the CFS diagnosis. I am finding much of what I have done and am doing of recent for the MS is the same. So I am on the right path. The above link is put there for those of you who suffer needlessly with the illness and do not know about a different approach than medicine. I take medicine when I feel my holistic approach is not helping enough. So DO NOT STOP your meds. You might want to just try along with the meds changing your diet. I just know what has worked for me in the past and I will stand firm on that & if I can find even 1 more thing I am not doing now and add that to my daily routine I will try anything at this point just to get some energy. Life is beautiful, I just do not want to exist I wish to participate. Right now participation on my part is just going to doctors and therapists. I wish more from my life and I will not give up hope or give in.

So I leave you with this thought today… you eat right?….do you exercise?(if you don’t move it you lose it)……do you pray?……Taking time for you because you are worth it. Even if it is a few moments alone in a room or on the couch with no other interruptions. Have a thankful heart. Even though life throws us curve balls now and then and at times it feels like all the time, I think we all have at least 1 thing to be thankful for. For me it is my wonderful son, friends and God giving me another day to partake in his creation. I only ask of him to let me have more energy to do so and heal this weary body so that I may enjoy it even more and be a blessing to others.

Till tomorrow…..hugs((((()))))


Off to my favorite doctor today

where the cranberries are grown

You may be wondering what’s up with the beach pictures. My favorite place in the world is to be at the beach. To just sit and take in all of God’s power and glory. How peaceful that is to me. To sit on the sand and just listen and not hear any other thoughts or noises. The peaceful, powerful sound of God in my ears and endless sight of His creation. Just 1 of his magnificent creations on the earth. The power behind the ocean waves never ceases to amaze me. It can be calm and still and just the sound of tiny splashes and then in the blink of an eye turn loud and strong. Ahhhhh… God in control of every little detail in this truly amazing world. If He can control the tide day in and day out I know without a shadow of a doubt that He can supply all my needs in this world. Will I be willing to allow Him to have complete control of me? Easy answer, but yet sometimes we struggle with trying to do it ourselves. I have learned not to rush things. His timing is not always my timing, but if I trust Him I will see that I have nothing to worry over or at least worry quite so much. Thanks Lord for yet another day to be able to see you in all things. Now off to get ready for my doctor appointment today. I am still researching CFS and not liking what I am reading. I will be sharing that soon. Blessing & hugs ((((())))) to all of you as you start your day! Till tomorrow…….
ps…..the beach pictures are all places I have been or my son has sent me from when was living at the ocean

Oh…..see how my brain works…the blog was to be about my doc apt. today  and at the thought of the ocean I got sidetracked. I go to my favorite doc today. The Dr D. I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow also.

Good morning……still tired

Time sure does go by quickly while sleeping! At least that is one thing I can do is sleep uninterrupted. Most days I get between 12-18 hours of sleep. Good deep uninterrupted sleep. Not all at once but counting the 3-4 hour power naps I take each day. Never ever waking up with that feeling of being refreshed and able to accomplish things we all have taken for granted at one point in time or another. If I do go somewhere even for an hour during the day I pay the price of it for the next few days. It is then it appears my body attacks itself and I must surrender to it. I guess this goes along with the auto immune diseases. I have asked myself for the last few years and more often lately, “how can I sleep so long and still have such tiredness & fatigue”?  “what does it feel like to have energy”? The feeling of having energy has been long gone for me for quite some time now. But just in the recent year or so it has begun to affect my daily activities around the house. I lie here at times and think “here I am off work for 15 months and I still can’t tackle any chores around the house. What I start in high hopes of accomplishing never gets finished, and just gets added to the list of things to do I keep building in my mind”. Speaking of my mind that is another area which causes some problems for me. My short-term memory is failing me. Sometimes I wish my long-term memory would get lost in the shuffle of thoughts in my mind. But no chance of that! I can remember all things from years ago, good and bad. Keeps me from making some of the same mistakes again in life so that can be a good thing.  I might not remember that some one wants to make plans to get together with me soon on the same week they tell me this but somewhere down the line weeks later it will pop into my head that we were to make plans. How much of this is just aging or caused by stress? Some of it possibly, but this happens so frequently throughout the day now and my brain starts to hurt from trying to remember.

These are just some of my thoughts this morning. Spoken here not to bring sadness to anyone reading or to look for pity, but to keep my thoughts in line for the time to come when I put together my 3rd book to take to to get published.  I love my life. I always have. Yes, even the sad stuff that has happened along my journey. It is that sad stuff which has made me the woman I am today. I am happy with me. Yes, there are some things at the moment I wish weren’t so, but when I lie here and think of the big picture and how God has never failed me but been right on time of his delivery of blessings to me, I know this is all part of His plan for me. So I pray…..I wait….I learn & I thank Him in advance for allowing me yet another day to be in this glorious world he created for us.  Oh yes….and I laugh….each and every day I laugh and I know this helps my spirit not get broken. What do I laugh about? Anything and everything….but mostly at myself. I heard a saying once “if you lack the ability to laugh at yourself you may be missing the most colossal joke of the century”.  I wouldn’t want to do that now…… “would I”?

Love & hugs ((((())))) to all of you…..tomorrow is another day. Now to research nutrition to help the CFS. Probably the same as what I do for the MS, but you never know…I just might learn something else! I’ll let you know later in the week.

Just what I need another BLOG!!!! (thanks Goldie!)

"where I want to be"

Call me a bloggin fool! Yes, that is what I am. I already have several blogs. All of which have not been actively kept since summer or earlier.  Life changes, life goes on but certainly not the same for me. I love change. But when there is change in my health issues I draw the line there. A change of a healing for my body would gladly be welcomed and praise given to God for that, but in my case for now on top of the Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis I have been given a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It explains a lot  of the past 18 or so months but battling another disease of the autoimmune system is not what I call a day at the beach. So Lord…..I pray…..I wait….I learn & I humble myself to what you wish me to learn. None of this illness is of you Lord, but You will use it for your glory if only I allow it. So I submit myself to the adventure. The adventure to get to know the illness, to get to know my body & how it reacts to disease and treatments but most of all to get to know you Lord even more than I already do.

Till next time everyone…..hugs from me to you ((((()))))